Welcome to the Unschooling Big Tent

Unschooling's Big Tent

Welcome to the Ununschooling.com website. We have set up a big tent to accommodate all different unschooling approaches and styles. This site is sponsored by Life Learning Magazine, which aims to support and inspire everyone in the life learning/unschooling community, no matter where they are currently located on the unschooling spectrum.

The site originated with this article submitted to Life Learning Magazine in early 2013, and from our realization that some unschoolers believe there are rules to be followed in order to unschool “properly” and, therefore, “experts” who can tell you how to do that. We disagree. In fact, we have observed that learning without school looks a bit different in every family and that parents and kids are their own best experts. We also believe that once parents understand that children can be trusted and respected to learn, the trust and respect will inevitably extend into non-academic aspects of life. However, that is a journey on which each family embarks for itself…and there is no finite goal of unschooling enlightenment. As Life Learning Magazine editor Wendy Priesnitz has written, “In our culture, trusting and respecting children is radical; everything else is details.”

This site provides an ever-growing supply of resources (article links, videos, blog posts, and more) to help you feel comfortable with your choice of unschooling approaches, while challenging you in your journey to provide your children with ever more trust and respect for learning and living as if school (and the accompanying attitudes, heirarchies, and so on) doesn’t exist. For more background information about the site and its purpose and philosophy, please check out this page.

We invite you to explore the links in the navigation bar above and in the sidebar to the right. There is a long tradition of co-operation and peer assistance in the homeschooling and unschooling communities, so we would like this site to be collaborated. Please send us your suggestions for helpful resources to list here.